Alta Art is a specialty producer of handcrafted cremation urns. Located in Vietnam, our expert artisans painstakingly create these beautiful memorial urns for export all over the world.
Alta Art has been producing and exporting for over six years.

What we offer :

A wide range of funerary urns including:

Lacquer art urns

Alta Art specializes in producing handcrafted urns using the traditional Vietnamese lacquer art process.
This is an elaborate and detailed process which involves master craftsmen and many stages of production.

The lacquer is applied in multiple layers over a base shape that can be constructed from a variety materials such as wood or fiberboard (M.D.F.) but most of our urns are made from composite materials (fiberglass and resins) which allows our craftsmen to create complicated and unique shapes and designs.

Our urns are hand painted and may be embellished with embedded eggshell or gold leaf. Alta Art Design craftsmen have also mastered techniques to create exquisite background effects.
We have a special process that provides our lacquer urns with a very incomparable finish and beauty.

Stone urns and bamboo urns

In addition to lacquer-ware urns, Alta Art maintains extensive partnerships with other Vietnamese manufacturers and especially with suppliers of processed stone and bamboo.

We can consolidate all kind of cremation urns into one shipment.
This allows our clients to substantially save on logistics costs.

Our procurement department is continually sourcing new and diverse materials to meet our clients’ needs.

The bamboo cremation urn was created in direct response to clients’ desire for eco friendly products – green products.

Originals designs:

Every year we produce new designs.
It is our desire to offer our customers a varied and elegant selection of urns.

Some of our latest designs were created by a talented French designer who has brought her own sensitivity and perspective. This has allowed us to create some truly amazing styles combining European sophistication with centuries old Vietnamese craftsmanship.


Our handmade urns are subject to extensive quality control and manufacturing specifications. This assures our products meet consistent quality standards similar to a mass produced product.

The quality inspection is made at each stage of production and 100% of our urns are inspected thoroughly before packing.

Competitive prices:

We always strive to provide our customers with the best prices.
Only one price list with volume discounts is applied to all our clients.
This price list is valid for one entire year.

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